I am currently offering Real-time Sessions for subs/slaves interested in public humiliation, Real Life BlackMail, Becoming a shopping mule, Interested in being laughed at, shouted at or spat on whilst onlookers watch, Subs interested in servicing a naturally Dominant woman in a Natural way.

I will still take requests from those of you who seek a more discreet “service” but body worship will never be involved. Take a look at my Services page it details most of my interests.


Online Domination

Webcam, Email, Phone Training and SMS/Texting is available. This can be for those who feel real-time is not for them, A Fantasist based male, A Sub in a different country to myself and so on. Go to my Live Chat webpage or email me for further details.



Why you would contact

If you wish to be Humiliated, Dominated, Abused, Degraded, Controlled, Manipulated, Experience physical and mental abuse and Violence then you have found the perfect Mistress. I am a sadist be it born or created. I do not believe this will ever change and i have tried to change. I live Bdsm/D/s in my private life. All my partners, boyfriend whatever you want to call it have either been naturally submissive or broken. Join Them Today.


Website Creation

My website was created solely for those interested in Female Supremacy, Black Domination, Public Humiliation, Financial Slavery, Black Mistresses, Phone Domination, Dominant Ebony/ebonies, Money Mistresses, FemDom/FinDoms, English Mistresses, Dominatrices, Dominas, Dominatrix, Lifestyle Dommes, Readings about Slaves, Subs suffering, Painsluts, Live Humiliations, TeamViewer for online computer control and voyeurs to the lifestyle.

I plan on updating my website regularly with new pictures, videos, voice recordings, and webblogs.

Mistress Mona.





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