Chemical Partners

What an amazing experience. I truly enjoy mind control, actually just being in control full stop. I don’t know what it is about some males but I seem to have a connection with them that is not physical but a whole lot of chemicals. I find it impossible to fully explain but my physical body responds to them as though they have access to the deepest part of my brain.

I had one of those evenings. Dominant female, submissive male. Female enjoys talking inside his weakened male brain, his brain enjoys hearing controlling words, he says things that makes Dominant female feel incredibly aroused, I do things that make submissive male even more submissive. Next thing I know I’m in this euphoric head space of Dommy goodness and wishing I could stay there forever. No, I really wish I could stay in this headspace forever, it feels so unearthly. I could replicate the exact things I did with this male with another man and would feel absolutely nothing. It isn’t just about his submission, to me it is so much more than that. It is the way he talks, reacts, looks, everything about his responses drives me insane.

I would never tell him that though, Laughs. “Nice seeing you this evening, get dressed and get out”. I don’t even need to tell him. He can hear it in my voice, see it in my actions – if he isn’t blindfolded – and feel it between my thighs. Drip, Drop. It Literally drips and drops down my dark thighs when I am in the presence of a chemical partner. I start dripping before I even see him. They know exactly how to write to me, how to talk to me, how to make me want to control them even further.

Eventually we no longer need words. We communicate, without this. His body just responds to my body. It all flows like a naturally occurring source of electrical power exchange of energy. My mind doesn’t understand or respect limits or boundaries. How beautiful to meet a man who feels his limits are the ones I have created, his boundaries are the ones I have formed. I use to think these types of men only existed in fantasy. This one, he exists outside my fantasies. I feel greedy. I don’t just want his mind, I want his body and then his soul.

Cut your mind open so you can bleed inside me. Release all those chemicals inside my mind so that I can absorb you deep. When we are done, your mind will be my mind.


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Dangerous Intentions

I was fascinated with meeting men who had a deep need to please and serve. There are different types of males who enjoy being controlled but I could spot the ones who would quite literally “give their lives” to me. These males were and are hard to find. I never consider them simply submissives and I certainly know when I have found one.

They were men I could tell anything to, my darkest secrets, my unlived fantasies and felt that it was something that they would happily live out with me or would help me achieve. I never felt love in the way most people feel love I guess as my love was always with rules, condition and boundaries. These types of men I felt “love” for, it felt like I was in my own world with them and that no one outside mattered. I knew that the type of love that existed inside me was unstable, volatile, with many faces. I would only remain loving if he remained obedient, subservient, loyal, obsessive, weak, compliant, docile and in Awe of me.

The first time I asked a male this question I was 13 years old. I had always thought these things, I had always felt these things but had never uttered them. I later went on to meet two females who shared similar fantasies. One I met in person and the other I spoke with only online. We would talk exclusively about our fantasies and how we would go about finding “victims” who could fulfill them. The problem was we could only really fantasise as the reality of our fantasies would end us in prison or prison.

I remember it being school holidays and I had befriended a male who lived in the area. I always, I mean always would go out my way to befriend weak, vulnerable or very shy males and then made them mine. He hated going home and was the type of child I now assume was being neglected, not being shown love etc within the home. I didn’t ask much about his home life and to be honest I did not care. I only cared that he seemed in need of my attention in need of my approval and would constantly try to please me. He never once behaved sexually suggestive, would allow me to take the lead and always looked nervous around me. This was the type of male I easily fell for.

We talked a lot and whilst we talked I would have him do sexual things to his body or would allow him to touch me. When we did our touching he would almost always tell me he would “Do anything for me”. I do not know to this date if that boy knew how wet that made me or how crazy it drove me hearing that but it is as if he could read my mind. I one day asked him, Would you kill for me? then, Would you die for me? I cannot explain the look I received. It is one I had never seen but have now seen twice since.

Why this turned me on so much I do not know, Why I needed to hear him say yes, I do not know, I still don’t know. It is like a fatal attraction to a desire I really have no business desiring. Very few men get it, very few men would say yes and actually mean it and those that have said yes, are dead or doing time. Laughing.

I was recently contacted by someone who detailed their fantasies and what they had experienced, I felt myself shaking. I had not visited these thoughts in years. I actively avoid reading, watching, looking for things that sink me into these dark depths. Then I read something that captivates me and makes me gasp, fuck. I wonder what my old therapist would think of me facing demona. -Evil smile-  I wonder if he is mentally insane to even write me such a detailed story of his fantasies, desires or are we both insane for being attracted to these thoughts.

Now I keep fantasising constantly of watching my male drown in my precum, cum, cunt liquids. Filling his lungs as he inhales one last time, Goodbye.

The question a partner asked me years ago was, “won’t you miss me when I’m gone Mona?” I said Yes I will but thankfully I can create another male to replace you.

Rest in Peace

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Controlled Slave Drive

Let me in, Let me win. Let me control your mind, let me control your pleasure, let me be a controlling desire. Let my infection infect you still. Let my words slide up and down your hardened mind. Let my cuntrol, control Your hardened body, your hardened arousal, this new weakened state of mind.

My silken threads bind around you tight, Keep still let me tighten you inside me deep, inside my web, eyes so bright. Unable to move, unable to think. Your mind now mine, Your body now tightened in silkened black latex threads, now dissolved, dissolved in black. Your body now encased, encased in Black. Your body, no longer your body controlled by Black, Your life now owned by black.

Slave drive now active. Slave drive now my slave. Activated for Mona. You are my slave. Obedience was always pleasure, obedience is now your pleasure. Obedience is pleasure. Obeying me is pleasure. Inside my controlling web, slip inside my controlling web. Inside my black tightly bound latex threads. Sink you even deeper, deeper inside my dictating dark web. Bound, cocooned, trapped inside me deep. Every day the man that was once you lives on without you. You are now being controlled inside and out. This Black widow consumes the man you once were, she controls your life written inside your permanent scars. The only words you can now say is.

Yes Mona
Your will gone, Your thoughts gone, Your desires gone, Your choices gone, Your options gone.
Brainwashed, Cunt licking, Auto-responding, Blackwashed, Remote Controlled Fucktoy.
I own you


We will speak soon

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